Battle.Net Agent crash on OSX fix

I've been struggling for the last few days trying to download World of Warcraft on my Macbook. I'd get a couple hundred megabytes in and suddenly the download counter would freeze, MenuMeters would indicate there was no network traffic at all and I'd have to kill Agent in Activity Monitor because it had come up as Not Responding. Well, I found the fix.

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Written on January 24, 2018

SuperMicro IPMICFG

I've had to do this a couple times now, so I thought I would write up the process of setting an IP on a SuperMicro server with an IPMI management card.

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Written on March 31, 2017


Today my good friend Jeviny asked me to make him a song video for a track on his new album so he could put it on Youtube. Nothing fancy, just a still image of the album art with the album intro in the background. So I spent 15 minutes writing a tool to do that.

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Written on November 16, 2015

FOSSing it up

I'm now using Ubuntu on my desktop. I would be using i3, but some annoying graphical glitches have pushed me back to Unity for the time being. It's not too bad on a machine with a decent GPU, to be honest, the UX is just awful. I'm installing Enlightenment now, always wanted to try it. I'm already using Terminology, turns out it Just Works on Ubuntu :P

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Written on November 1, 2015

Job hunting

I gave my resume in to a recruitment agency two days ago. Called today to follow up on it, the guy said he could have something for me. He mentioned keeping my Github profile up to date... Probably didn't mean a blog post :P

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Written on October 28, 2015